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Stories from an African American Farm Girl tracing her roots from a small farm in Mississippi to West Africa (and everything in between!)

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“You learn how to cut down trees by cutting them down.”
African Proverb
Afrikana-Cape Coast Beach Freedom
On the Beach Shore in Cape Coast, Ghana
Photo Credit: Tre' Blackmore

A Healer. Nomad. Serial Entrepreneur. Student of Life. Voice of the Underdog.

I can use many words to describe me and my life, but BORING ain’t one of ’em!

Forty-five years on this Earth, and I have met the most amazing people the world may never get to know – until now.

Hi, I’m Jamie Yvette Hopkins, also known as Ama (my West African name) or Afrikana (my pen name). Over the years, I’ve collected stories, learned extremely challenging life lessons, overcome more trauma, and sacrificed many relationships for the sake of sanity. Yeah, I got a LOT to say and a LOT to share. My prayer is that you take something, learn from it, improve it, then reproduce it. It’s all healing my friends!



My Legend Friends

Even as an extreme introvert, I believe EVERYONE should have a friend to do life and business with! I am blessed with 3 of them… 3 amazing women in different parts of the world, making a social impact in their communities. If that ain’t the soul of me, I don’t know what is 🙂 Introducing my Legend friends: Four like-minded women working smarter, stronger, together while creating social change globally.

The Legends are Affiliate Partners who have come together with our mission to fight trauma, miseducation of the melanated people, and misfortune in the Black and Brown skinned communities. Let me tell you, these ladies are badasses! They work behind the scenes (until now I’m exposing them lol), but their passion shines through every thing they do (which is a LOT). Let’s meet them because I can go on and on …

Black Seeds Publishing
Ghana, USA

Mission: To be the premier publisher of books and videos about Indigenous culture, history, and knowledge. We want to educate the world about our people and our history!

Chanel Blackmore
Ghana, USA

Founder and CEO of Black is Queen, Chanel is taking back our throne by helping Black women identify their lineage, own land in Africa, and finding their purpose! Black IS Queen, and don't forget it.

Stephanie Nelson
Nigeria, USA

Black women CAN be owners and mothers at the same time! Stephanie has built a legacy mogul! She's a land developer, farmer, city builder (in Nigeria), sour sop tea producer and distributer, business consultant, tech guru.. you get my point.

Renee Waters
The Netherlands, USA

Renee takes NO prisoners when it comes to expression & freedom of speech! Her online period store will provide much needed period products for women GLOBALLY! Wanna heal from your period, she got that too. Her fight is for the women who suffer silently with our reproductive issues.

What did I tell you? They are are some badasses!! And it helps that they are also my close friends. Together, we are intentionally making a social impact globally 🙂

"The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people."
West African Proverb
"Do not follow the path. Go where there is no path to begin a trail."
West African Proverb
"Where you find honey, you also find the bee."
Ghanian Proverb
"Today, I release the disappointments of yesterday. Today I can start again."
Afrikana Stories

Photo Gallery

I never knew how much I loved to travel, until I left the United States of America! My very first international trip was to Kenya, East Africa. Well, since then, I’ve traveled many other beautiful places and met the kindest people. It gave me hope, there is still good in the world. Here is a collection of my travel stories from my very own camera! It’s my private collection 🙂

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