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A Podcast for the Indigenous Voice.

Oftentimes, we as the Indigenous woman, take the back seat and allow everything and everyone ELSE to speak for us. We carry the weight of this world, our families, friends, neighbors, colleagues, all in our womb. We carry trauma unknown and unheard and unspoken. We’ve been fooled to think that carrying the weight is an honorable thing. That it makes us stronger. That is the greatest LIE!

And, when you know better, you do better (Maya Angelou).

The Eve Series is a conversation among sisters from every part of the world. We are going to discuss everything from how to clean your vagina, to how to prepare a spiritual bath, to how to deal with troublesome kids! Secrets from our ancient ones revealed and shared amongst our sisterhood will take place here on the Eve Series.

It’s NOT just for Black women… it’s for the melanated, Indigenous woman. For her story to be told. For her voice to be heard. For her legacy to be sealed in history. 

We will be covering every possible topic a woman will need to make her journey on this Earth worth it. Come, and discover the Womb with me! … if you dare…

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The Story Behind The Eve Series Podcast.

Perimenopause. That’s it. That’s the story!

So when I stepped into the age realm of around 45, my body began to change significantly! I would sweat profusely in all places, especially between my legs. NEVER had I ever sweated before in my life! So when I started sweating, that was a sure sign to me that something was “off”. And then I started having dizzy spells, weak and nauseous to the point of passing out; mood swings were terrible! I would just be mad and irritable for no damn reason. Even I was sick of myself! lol

Latest Episode...

How it all began with a hot flash.

Episode 1 tells the genesis story of The Eve Series podcast and how the host came up with the concept. If you’ve ever heard Jamie tell a story, you’ll know to grab a drink and snuggle in for a good ride! 🙂 Here’s the naked truth… literally!

What Our Ancient Ones Say

“A single bracelet does not jingle.”
Congolese Proverb
Afrikana Stories
“Wisdom is not like money to be tied up and hidden.”
Ghanaian Proverb
Afrikana Stories
“He who learns, teaches.”
Ethiopian Proverb
Afrikana Stories
“When a king has good counselors, his reign is peaceful.”
Ghanaian Proverb
Afrikana Stories
“Ingratitude is sooner or later fatal to its author.”
Ghanaian Proverb
Afrikana Stories
“A fully grown tree cannot be bent into a walking stick.”
Kenyan Proverb
Afrikana Stories

Meet Your Host

“When I am dead and gone, pieces of me will remain here on this earth… etched in it will be my words that told the story of this time for the time to come… when I will transition to become an ancestor. What I do now will mark what is told then. Therefore, I must write. I must scribe.”

– Afrikana


Jamie "Ama" Hopkins a.k.a. Afrikana

The word “Afrikana” simply means stories from Africans.