Charley’s First Period: A Guide to Celebrating Womanhood eBook

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Charley’s First Period: A Guide to Celebrating Womanhood is the perfect way for young black girls to learn about their period in a safe and comfortable environment, amongst friends. With heartwarming conversations between Charley and Angel, this book covers all the important topics, from what a period is, to how to take care of your body, and how to embrace this special time in your life. This book also includes:

  • Uplifting affirmations to boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Kid-friendly recipes to help alleviate period pain
  • A personal diary for the budding woman – a healthy place to store all of those feelings 🙂

Whether it’s for a young girl or a parent looking to guide and support her child, Charley’s First Period is an essential resource for any family. Join Charley and Angel on their journey and celebrate the wonderful journey of womanhood!

Charley’s First Period: A Guide to Celebrating Womanhood is a charming and empowering children’s book designed for young black girls aged 8-13. The story follows two best friends, Charley and Angel, as they explore the wonders and joys of growing into a woman. This heartwarming and uplifting book is filled with colorful illustrations and inspiring affirmations that encourage girls to embrace their femininity, celebrate their period, and grow into confident and proud young women.

Designed to make the journey into womanhood a positive and memorable experience, this children’s book covers important topics such as self-discovery, body confidence, and self-care. With a gentle and nurturing tone, this book teaches young black girls the value of self-love and acceptance and inspires them to embrace their unique and wonderful journey into womanhood.

A perfect gift for young black girls, this charming book is sure to become a cherished and beloved part of any young girl’s library. Order your copy of Charley’s First Period: A Guide to Celebrating Womanhood today and start celebrating the magic and power of growing into a woman!



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