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Tanya Banks had it all on the outside. She was smart, beautiful, sexy, powerful and successful. When she walked into any room, she owned it. She was the CEO and Founder of a thriving foundation, lived in a beautiful home, drove the most expensive cars.  But there was one thing missing: LOVE. And there was one thing stopping her from being in love – her dark past. A past only a few people within her circle knew about. A past too painful to speak of … So Tanya jumps from relationship to relationship, avoiding that one thing she wants so badly but thinks she’s too damaged to ever attain.

And then she meets Mike Parker, the game changer. Mike is the only man who can make Tanya give up her single, wild and free card. Will she let go of her troubled past and find the love she’s always wanted? Or will she allow it to consume her and kill her only chance with love?

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“Damaged Goods” is a compelling tale that delves into the life of Tanya Banks, a woman who appears to have everything on the outside—beauty, intelligence, power, and success. As the CEO and Founder of a thriving foundation, she commands respect and admiration wherever she goes. However, despite her seemingly perfect life, there is an emptiness that haunts her—the absence of true love.

Tanya’s path to love is hindered by a dark and painful past, known only to a select few in her inner circle. This hidden history has left her feeling damaged and unworthy of finding happiness and genuine affection. Consequently, she engages in a series of short-lived relationships, using them as a shield to protect herself from the vulnerability of real love.

Everything changes when she encounters Mike Parker, a man who becomes a game changer in her life. Unlike the others, Mike has the potential to make Tanya reconsider her aversion to commitment and surrender her “single, wild, and free” lifestyle. He sees beyond her powerful façade, understanding the emotional turmoil that holds her back.

The central conflict of the story revolves around Tanya’s struggle to let go of her traumatic past. As she navigates her feelings for Mike, she is confronted with the choice of either allowing her past to continue controlling her future or taking a leap of faith and embracing the love she so desperately desires.

Throughout “Damaged Goods,” readers are taken on an emotional roller-coaster ride as they witness Tanya’s internal battles, her growth, and the pursuit of love against all odds. Will she find the strength to confront her past and open her heart to the possibility of love with Mike? Or will the scars from her history prove too deep to overcome, potentially costing her the one chance at true happiness?

This book is a poignant exploration of love, vulnerability, and the resiliency of the human spirit. With its well-developed characters and an engaging narrative, “Damaged Goods” captivates readers, reminding them that even in the face of adversity, it is possible to heal and find love once more.



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