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"The child of an elephant will not be a dwarf."

Hey Healers, Light Beings, Seekers of Knowledge and Truth! You’ve boldly entered my mind! This space is where I share most of my life lessons that I’ve gained over the years of my nomadic journey. I must warn you, some of this material can be triggering to those who refuse to do the self inner work. To that extinct, I unapologetically share this healing space. You will NOT leave the same. Our words heal the deepest wounds.

So what you will find here is a collection of my experiences both in written and video. As a writer, I love to express my emotions in written form. As a healer, visual aids work best. I’m combining a mixture of both, and hopefully we will meet somewhere in between! Sooooooo much happen in-between ;)

Matters of My Heart

My “Matatchebo” Story

We’re planting mango trees in Congo Brazzaville in honor of the Africans enslaved during the transatlantic slave trade. The mango trees will provide food and job security for the descendents. Support us at

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Cook With Me
Afrikana Stories_lasagna featured image

Jalapeño Popper Mac-n-Cheese Stuffed Lasagna: The True Medicine for the Soul

It’s thick. It’s creamy. It’s super-rich. Just saying the name can give you a heart attack. Doctors will warn you to skip the cheese, but bae-bae….

When perimenopause got you in the choke hold, your hormones are all over the place, the full moon’s energy is active and activated… bring on the comfort food! No apologies… and if that’s you, keep reading 🙂 it gets worst LOL … girl I got pictures AND video to prove this deliciousness is a must-have once in a while on your period day!

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Nigerian Jollof Rice Gone Wrong!

Jollof rice is a CLASSIC in West Africa. It really wasn’t until I moved to Ghana that I realized how much they LOVED jollof rice. The problem is.. I don’t like it 🙁 And the fact that I didnt’ resonate with my ancestors bothered me so that I decided to do a little research to find a way to enjoy a dish that is so loved by my people. It’s all about connection for me.

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